At BusinessLodge, we understand that being happy at work is absolutely essential to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Afterall, we spend a large percentage of our lives in the workplace and happiness not only has a huge impact on our productivity, but on our lives as a whole.
In these uncertain times, work is going to look different for many of us – and it’s important that we try to embrace this.
We’ve put together the BusinessLodge guide to homeworking, with some top tips:

Keep connected
When you take work space with BusinessLodge, you are getting more than a place to work – you are joining our unique community. Whether you are a one-man band or 120-strong team, we’re proud of the friendly, inclusive atmosphere that we’ve created across all our sites.
We know that it’s essential that this camaraderie continues over the coming months. We’re encouraging our customers to continue to interact on our dedicated Facebook groups, and we’d suggest that the wider business community follow our public pages – BusinessLodge Stoke and BusinessLodge Bury – to keep connected.

It’s part of our ethos at BusinessLodge to truly love our working environment – and it’s important that you keep this up in your new home office.
Allocate some space and get organised. Whether it’s your sofa, your kitchen table or even your bed (!) you need some designated workspace. Make sure it’s clean and tidy and you have everything you need – access to power, stationery and files etc. Having a specific “work” area will keep you focussed – and help you switch off at the end of the day.

Keep nourished
It’s tempting to grab the biscuits or chocolate – but try to resist. Not only do we all need to build our immune systems at the moment, we need to eat well to keep ourselves feeling mentally alert in order to do a great job. Our BusinessLodge Bury Brunch networking group recently enjoyed a fantastic talk from Jo Le’Febour, AKA The Sugar Woman. She offers some great tips in this blog.

Work in time blocks
Did you know that 90 minutes is the optimum time-frame for productive working? We recommend getting into you designated workspace, turning off your emails and if possible, leaving your phone in a different room. Dedicate a full hour and a half to purely concentrating on your tasks – you will be amazed at the results!
Get plenty of fresh air
Make sure that you take regular breaks and get out in the fresh air. Either go into your garden – or take a short walk, whilst following government guidelines.

Look after your own wellbeing
It’s testing times, and many of us are juggling family commitments as well as working from home. It can quickly become overwhelming – which can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and mental health. Dr Amanda Ryland of Your Life, Live it specialises in helping people to find the work life balance – particularly in times of crisis.
She is currently offering a free, 25 minute online course which explain what happens to the body in times of stress – and how to combat it. Follow the link for this great resource.


Remember – it’s all temporary
There is no dispute that business – and life in general – has changed beyond recognition. But remember – it’s all temporary. This will pass, and we will all come out of the other side.

And there will be one hell of a #teamBusinessLodge reunion when we do.

In the meantime keep in touch – and keep smiling.