Bury BusinessLodge are always proud to do their bit for charity. You’ll often find a fundraiser happening in the building, whether an Easer Egg Hunt or a Halloween cake sale, but on the 18th May, Bury BusinessLodge tried to do their bit to raise awareness of Sepsis by getting involved in the Wear Red Day.

Everyone was encouraged to wear red for the day….whether that was clothing, or changing hair colour, any bit of red was appreciated. Donation boxes were placed in both receptions. There were balloons and badges too, but the ultimate reason for choosing the UK Sepsis Trust was simply to raise awareness.

It’s not as commonly known as many other charities, and as this is very much a cause close to Bury BusinessLodge and their team, it seemed the perfect choice.
Sepsis, which is blood poisoning, can be triggered by an infection or an injury. It can reduce blood supply to the body’s vital organs and in turn cause organ failure. In the UK alone, over 30,000 people die from the condition with approximately 100,000 admitted to hospital.

This article is rather poignant, as the story relates to a family friend of one of the team at Bury BusinessLodge, who sadly lost their little boy to the condition at just 18 months old.

You can find out more about Sepsis and what to look out for here, in a second article about 18 month old Aaron and his family, and how you can look out for the signs in order to act quickly.

The monies raised from the special fundraiser day will go towards funding research into the condition.

Please share this blog to help raise awareness of Sepsis…….just ask: could it be sepsis?